1/4 in. Grease Fitting (Regular Threaded)


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About this Item

  • 1/4″ Fittings
  • Use don hoist block housing & pipe bearing on 4-post lifts


    Material: Brass
    Fitting Size: 1/4 in.
    Press In Amount: 4
    Threaded Amount: 8
    Fits: Most hoist block hosings & pipe bearings
    Packaging: Retail
    UPC #: Yes
    Weight: .3 lb.
    Disclaimer: To enable existing hoist owners to repair or replace machined items, BH-USA makes available machine parts used exclusively in the Boat Hoist USA brand flat-plate hoist.BH-USA brand machined parts should NEVER be used with any other brand flat-plate hoist or machined parts. BH-USA does not warranty any individual machine part or any other re-built/repaired flat-plate hoists. Lift-Tex Inc. does not assume ANY liability for damages to person or property when machined parts are used in the re-build of a flat plate hoist, regardless of brand. The purchase of, and use of any machine part sold by BH-USA is at the sole risk of the user and is non-returnable and carries no warranty. BH-USA does not guarantee any individual machined part will fix an existing problem or work as designed. It is the recommendation of BH-USA to purchase a new flat-plate hoist that has been built and tested onsite at BH-USA rather than to attempt to repair an existing hoist.