2″ Aluminum Die-Cast Motor Pulley


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About this Item

  • Made from cast aluminum
  • Accepts one belt
  • Features belt-gripping technology
  • 3/16 in. set screw
  • 5/8 in. (.630 in.)

The 2″ Aluminum Die-Cast Motor Pulley is designed to mount onto the direct drive shaft of a 56 frame NEMA electric boat lift motor. Also known as a clawfoot motor. The zinc pulley mounts on all brands of 56 frame boat lift motors sold by BH-USA. Made from marine-grade aluminum. The pulley has a 5/8 in. bore. It accepts (1) a drive belt. It includes a 3/16 in. set screw. The Motor key stock not included with the pulley.


Diameter: 2 in.
Weight: .3 lb.
Bore Size: 5/8 in. (.630 in.)
Material: Aluminum
Pulley Type: Single belt
Set Screw: Included
Set Screw Size: 3/16 in.
Application: 56 frame motors