6 in. Cast Iron Galvanized Dock Cleat


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About this Item

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Recessed Mounting Holes
  • Traditional Dock Cleat
  • Cast Iron

The Cast Iron Galvanized Dock Cleat is a traditional style mooring cleat. Made from cast iron hot-dipped galvanizing. Galvanizing helps durability and long use. Features recessed mounting holes. Hexagon shaped design. Stops the carriage bolt head from turning. Secures the cleat to a surface. Dimension sizes vary by boat cleat size. Closed base design.  Mounting fasteners not included.

Types of Cleats

  • horn cleat –  a traditional design, featuring two “horns” extending parallel to the deck or the axis of the spar, attached to a flat surface or a spar, and resembling an anvil.
  • jam cleat – the line is pinched in a v-shaped slot.